This story is the result of a challenge given to me when this photo was send to one of my mailing lists!

During the break last summer, Nick and I flew to Malaysia for 5 days. I had always wanted to go there since I had seen Sandokan, the Tiger of Malaysia.
Anyway, once there we rented an old boat. It was just perfect. It had all the mod coms and at the same time took us back into time.
I love feeling a warm wooden boat under my feet.

It was nearly lunchtime, we had been relaxing all morning and I was getting hungry.
‘Sweetheart, I’m gonna get lunch ready, that ok for you?’ I asked Nick.
‘That would be wonderful. While you are doing that I’m just gonna jump into the water and cool of a bit.’
I looked at him from under my eyelids and smiled.
‘Hot, are you?’
‘Woman, don’t get me started.’ He smiled.
And with that he walked to the side of the boat were there was a ropeladder to go down to the water.

I heard him hit the water and swim around the boat.
We had brought some smoked fish with a lovely salad and a wonderful bottle of white wine. I put the wine in the icebucket.
They have the cutest icecubes there. They look like little pebbles. I took one of the icecubes and put it in my mouth, letting the ice melt.
I took my camera and was about to take some photos of Nick when I heard a lot of splashing about.
I turned and saw Nicks desperate face as he was trying to climb onboard again.

‘Ilse, help me. It’s pulling me down!’ he screamed.
I dropped my camera and ran over to him, pulling him up as much as I could.
And just as he was lying half on deck, he produced a shell full of water and threw it on me. I let go of him and startled. That was cold.
Nick was unable to move, he was laughing so hard. I turned my back and walked to the table. Nick still couldn’t get up, he was just chuckling away, lying on the deck, arms stretched out. He really enjoyed scaring me and cooling me of. I took a quick picture. That’s the one you see here.
As I turned around to the table to put my camera away, I noticed the icebucket.
I took the bottle of wine out and picked it up. Nick never saw me coming.
I walked over to him and putting one foot on his back so he could not escape, I pulled up his swimming trunks and poured half of the icecubes in his shorts.
I have never seen Nick jump up so quickly, screaming at me. I started running, I knew well I was in trouble now. We ran to the front of the boat, Nick a bit uncomfortable. It was such a funny sight, some icecubes falling out of his shorts here and there. He caught up with me and threw me down onto the deck. He pinned me with his body and held my hands above my head.
‘That was cold !!’ He said in mock anger.
‘But Nicky, you said you were hot. I only wanted to help.’
‘Help, hey. How about I help you.’
He moved so he could hold my hands up using just one of his. With his other hand he pulled out an icecube and slowly rubbed it over my lips.
I could nearly taste him on it.
Slowly he brought the icecube down. He agily flipped up my bikini top, exposing my breasts. Slowly he rubbed the icecube over my nipple turning it ice-cold and very firm. His mouth was warming up my other breast as he sucked hard.
‘Nick...’ I nearly whined.
‘That’s cold.’
I could feel him smile. He moved his mouth to my ice-cold nipple and brought the icecube to my hot breast.
Hot and cold, it was driving me crazy. But I could not escape. He held me down firmly. The icecube melted and I thought that would be the end of the torture.
But suddenly the pulled the strings of my bikini bottom and I lay naked in the hot sunshine.
I still don’t know where he got that other icecube from but his hand went between my legs and parted them. He moved to the side a bit so he had better access. His fingers were paying with my clit and I was fast becoming dripping wet.
Suddenly he inserted the icecube in me. My eye flew open.
‘Nick!’ I screamed. ‘That’s cold!’
I contracted my walls, pushing the cold object out again. But he was there with his fingers. While his thumb assaulted my clit, his fingers played a dance with the icecube, in and out, in and out. And even though it was cold, I could feel my body coming closer to surrender. The icecube melted, and I begged.
‘Nick, in me now!’
He let go of my hands and pulled of his shorts. He positioned himself between my legs. As the tip of his hard erect cock touched me, he did not go any further.
‘It’s cold in there’ he said with smiling eyes. I grabbed his bum with both my hands.
‘It’s cold there as well. Let’s warm up.’ And with that I pulled him into me.
He filled me to perfection. First slow but all to soon faster and faster did we thrust into each other. Until we both reached an intense orgasm, screaming each others name.

Nick collapsed on top of me and we lay still, enjoying each others warmth.
Slowly he pushed himself up on his elbows and kissed me deeply.
‘You feel nice and warm now.’ He smiled looking into my eyes.
‘So do you.’
It took us a while before we could sit up again. We had a wonderful lunch but kept the icebucket well away from the table.
But seeing we were hot, we needed to cool down again and warm up and cool down and warm up and cool down and ......... well, I’m sure you get my drift!

The end.