This story was written was a challenge.

So you want to know about my first kiss with AJ. Well, it made my whole body shiver.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you: you want the whole story. OK here it goes.

It was one day, couple of years ago now. I’d been going through a rough patch in my life, break-up and so. Don’t really want to get into that. But I had been helping out different people over the last weeks and basically been neglecting myself. And that Friday I decided it was time for me.

For years I had wanted a tattoo and that day I had booked to get one done. I must admit I was nervous. All those years I had not been allowed to live and now I was going to do this radical thing. Because a tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas.

Anyway, I walked into the shop. The man acknowledged my presence but he was still working on someone. So I wondered around, looking at the pictures. I knew what I wanted: a bird on my ankle.
‘Miss, it’s your turn now.’ I was startled out of my dreaming and walked over.
I sat down and explained what I wanted. The man got ready. The previous client was still sitting in the other chair and I looked over to him. He was having a beer.
He saw me staring at him and asked:
‘You mind I watch? My ride hasn’t arrived yet.’
I had to tear myself away from his brown eyes.
‘I like your design.’
‘By the way, my name is Bone’
‘Nice to meet you.’ And we shook hands.
‘Do you always speak in one word sentences?’
I smiled.
He smiled at me.
‘I like your tattoos.’
‘Thanks. Is this your first one?’
‘Yes, kind of my way of showing I escaped’
‘Escaped what?’
‘Bad relationship’
‘So now you are in control.’
‘I sure am.’
‘Good for you. Don’t worry about anything. Mitch is one of the best.’
‘Does it hurt?’
‘Yes and No.’
‘You look familiar but I can’t put my finger on it.’
‘No, probably someone else.’
‘Hey, AJ. Howie just called. They are running late. He says to take a cab to the restaurant.’ Mitch interrupted them.
I looked at Bone with a question on my face. He read it perfectly.
‘Bone is my nickname. AJ is short for Alexander James.’
‘Very nice.’
And while Mitch got busy doing my tattoo, Bone and I just chatted away.
‘All done’ Mitch said after 30 minutes.
‘That’s it?’ I was surprised. I had been so into Bone, I had not even noticed Mitch or any pain.
Bone laughed.
I paid Mitch and got ready to leave.
‘Say, Ilse, why don’t you join me and my friends for dinner?’
‘Bone, I’m hardly dressed for dinner. You might not have noticed but I’m just in jeans.’
‘Don’t worry about it. We probably will all be in jeans, or not. Perhaps Howie not. Come on. You’ll love it.’
I didn’t have anything planned and it was my day, just for me.
‘OK, just as long as you don’t think I usually pick up strangers.’
‘Ha, ‘ Mitch laughed. ‘AJ is no stranger, you can see him ….’
‘Yes, thank you, Mitch’ Bone interrupted him.
He took my hand and we left the shop.
‘Where can we find a cab around here?’ Bone wondered.
‘No need. My car is around the corner.’
He held onto my hand as we walked to where I had left my old Vitara JLX.
I unlocked and we jumped in.
‘Where of to?’
‘You know the boat restaurant?’
‘Yes, I do. Way out of my league. You sure you need to go there?’
‘Yes, just drive, James.’
‘Hey, take those sunglasses of and take a proper look, will you! At least make it Jane!’
‘Oh, don’t worry. I can see clearly through these!’ he said smiling.

We drove to the restaurant. I felt a bit out of place with my clothes but Bone was indeed in jeans as well and when we arrived, we were shown to the table immediately. His friends were waiting for us.
‘Finally, AJ. We’re hungry. Where were you?’ a tall blond guy asked him.
‘Guys this is Ilse. Ilse, this hungry puppy is Nick.’
Nick stood up and shook my hand.
‘This is Brian.’
Again a young man stood up and shook my hand. Next to Brian was a handsome Latino man with gorgeous brown eyes as well. He was not wearing jeans so I said:
‘You must be Howie’
‘Indeed I am’ He got up and planted a small kiss on my hand.
‘What has AJ been telling you?’
‘Nothing. Just that you might not be wearing jeans. I was afraid I might be out of place, clothes wise.’
‘Not at all! You are most welcome.’ The last man got up. He was tall and his eyes were the greenest I ever saw.
‘I’m Kevin.’

I sat down and looked around. I was having dinner with 5 handsome men. What a day this turned out to be.

Dinner was fun. Just 5 friends sitting together and talking freely about anything. They made me feel welcome, like I had been part of the group for ever.
Once in a while someone would come to the table and one or all would sign something.
I had been looking at that for a while and finally had to ask the question.
‘Are you guys famous or something?’
There was a stunned silence.
‘We’re in the music business.’ Kevin just said.
‘Don’t you listen to music?’ Nick asked.
‘Sure. But only recently. Before I had to listen to my ex-partners music. Not that is wasn’t good. But there is not a lot of Don Henley in the charts these days.’
‘So what do you like now?’ Howie wanted to know.
‘Actually, I like the video clip of Larger than Life by The Backstreet Boys. You know them?’
‘We’ve seen them around.’ Brian answered.
‘I just saw the clip by accident. I thought it was a new SF film. But I need to get the CD cause I can’t make out who is who and what they really look like. That reminds me, Bone. I remember who you make me think of. It is one of the Backstreet Boys, the one with all the cables coming out of him and attach to the wall. Yeah, that’s who you look like.’
Nick nearly fell of his chair laughing at that point. Kevin spit out his drink again as he started coughing. They were all laughing. I didn’t get it.
‘Did I say something wrong?’
‘Not at all.’ Bone said.
The subject was dropped and we left the restaurant to go dancing in a nearby club.

I had the best of nights.
I lost track of time and it was nearly morning again.
‘I need to be going. My day is over.’
‘Don’t leave yet.’ Bone asked.
‘Sorry, Sweetheart. I have things to do. But I loved my day off. Thank you very much.’
‘Let’s get out of here.’
He took my hand and after saying a quick good-bye to the rest of the guys we left the club.
We walked along deserted roads until we got to the water side again. The sun was just getting up. I was looking out over the water and Bone held me from behind. I felt so comfortable in his arms. And suddenly the suns rays struck us. I took a gasp. I love a beautiful sunrise.
Somehow I felt Bones eyes on me and I turned in his arms.
‘Thank you!’ he said.
‘Why?’ I was confused. He had given me a great day and he was thanking me.
‘One day you’ll understand.’
‘You are talking in riddles Alexander James.’
His face was so serious I started to worry. Slowly he came even closer. So tenderly his lips brushed mine. I closed my eyes, savoring him, knowing I’d probably never see him after tonight.
His tongue gently caressed my lips and I opened them to give access. I became bolder and intruded his mouth with my tongue. Gosh, I still get hot just remembering. I can’t really describe how it felt. I was getting warm from the inside out. It was like we were melting and become one. My mind drifted to what it would be like feeling his naked skin pressed against me, feeling him inside me. My knees were getting weak and I was glad he was holding on to me.
When we finally parted, all we did was smile.
He walked me back to my car and helped me in.
‘Drive careful now.’
‘Here’s my business card. Call me when you’ve figured it out?’
‘Figured out what?’
‘You’ll know.’
And after a last quick kiss he closed my door and I drove of.

Two days later I finally got the CD of the Backstreet Boys. I was queuing in the shop and some girls were talking. I overheard.
‘They were in the boat restaurant the other night. I was there and got their autograph.’
A shiver went down my spine. I wanted to pay for this CD as quickly as possible and get out of the shop.
Once out I opened the box and looked at the photos. And there in front of me were AJ, Howie, Kevin, Nick and Brian. I took Bones card out of my pocket and looked at the name: Alexander James McLean.
I got my cellphone out of my bag and dialed the number.
‘Hey, this is AJ. Can’t take your call now but leave a message.’
It was his voice.
‘Bone, I figured it out. When you are in town next, give me a call. Bye.’

Well, it was a couple of days but he did call back. And many more of those kisses followed.
And I also now know how it feels to have his skin next to mine and him in me. But that is another story.

The end.