They had arrived together at the party. Before walking in they had agreed:
‘15 to 12 we have to get him away from the party. We’ll soon know if the prediction of that gypsy in Germany 7 years ago will come true.’
They had all nodded and walked in.

Nick was happy to see his brothers again. It had been a while since they had split up for the break. And he was glad to see them all. He knew soon they were getting together to start work on the next CD. But after all this was his 22nd birthday party and it would not have been the same without them.
He loved the presents they brought and soon they were all mingling between the rest of the crowd.
But the later it became, the more quiet Kevin, Brian, AJ and Howie became. They were looking at Nick. Not looking forward to the rest of the night.

It was getting close to midnight. AJ and Howie left the party. They had gotten a room in the motel down the road. Some stinking little place but it would do.
They needed to get that room ready for the night.

15 to midnight.

Kevin nodded to Brian and they both walked to Nick.
‘Hey, Nick. Need to talk to you outside.’ Kevin said with a smile on his face.
Nick followed them out.
‘What is this all about?’ He asked.
‘We have a surprise for you.’
Nick loved surprises.
‘Show me.’
‘Not here. Keep your eyes closed and we’ll show you.’
Nick looked from Kevin to Brian, a bit nervous.
‘Come on, Nick. Don’t you want to find out?’ Brian pushed him.
‘OK, but be gentle with me.’ Nick smiled.
‘Oh, we will. Let’s get this blindfold on.’
Kevin got it from his pocket and tied it in front of Nicks eyes. Brian took his hand and guided him to the waiting car.
‘Careful for your head.’ Kevin said as he helped Nick in the car.
‘Are we leaving the party?’
‘It’s not far.’ Brian assured him as he got in next to Nick.

Kevin quickly drove them to the motel.
They let Nick into the room and made him sit on chair.
‘Guys, this is strange. What are you doing?’ Nick was getting a bit worried there. Suddenly he felt himself getting tied to the chair.
‘Guys?’ he started to panic.
Kevin took his blindfold of. Nicks eyes had to adjust to the light. But when he looked around him, there were Kevin, Brian, AJ and Howie, looking very serious at him.
‘Mind telling me what the ropes are for?’ he tried to smile but it was hard.
‘There is something you need to know, Nick.’ Kevin started.
‘5 minutes, Kevin.’ Howie said.
‘5 minutes to what?’ Nick was getting upset.
‘5 minutes to finding out.’ AJ said.
‘Finding out what?’ Nick was nearly screaming now.
‘It’s nearly midnight, Nick.’ Kevin said gently.
‘Remember 7 years ago in Germany, the night of your birthday?’
Nick was thinking. Oh, yes, that one.
‘You guys gave me a drink and I passed out. Thanks for reminding me, Kev.’
It wasn’t a memory he liked to think about. Besides from having a drink in Germany, he couldn’t remember a lot anyway but the guys had told him stories.
‘Actually, the drink you had didn’t make you pass out. While we were walking down the street, we got attacked.’
Nick looked at Kevin, not believing a word he was saying.
‘I don’t remember anything about that.’
‘You wouldn’t. But the fact is, you got hurt.’
‘I got hurt?’ This was getting more unbelievable by the minute.
‘You got bitten.’ AJ blurted out.
Kevin turned to AJ.
‘Calm down, Bone.’ Kevin just said.
‘It’s nearly midnight, Kev. Just tell him.’
‘Tell me what?’ Nick screamed. He was getting enough of this. He wanted to go back to his party.
‘You were bitten by a werewolf.’ Kevin said seriously.
Nick was stunned and then started laughing.
‘OK, guys. A joke is a joke but this is going to far. What is the catch?’
‘No catch, Nick.’ Brian confirmed.

Nick got serious now.
‘So what ... how ... why...’ he didn’t find the question he wanted to ask.
‘A gypsy helped us.’ Howie said.
‘A gypsy. And ... I thought when you got bitten you changed into one.’ Nick said.
‘And I know I’m a fool sometimes, but as far as I know I have never changed into a werewolf.’
Nick looked at them, sure they were going to start laughing soon and tell him the real reason for being there, all tied up. But they didn’t.
‘The gypsy gave us something to give you. But on the first birthday after your 21st, when it would be a full moon, you might turn into one.’ Kevin explained.
‘Guess what, Nick?’ AJ asked.
‘What , AJ?’
‘It’s a full moon today.’ AJ opened the curtains a bit to show him a wonderful bright full moon.
‘So it is, AJ. Come on, guys. Don’t tell me you believed any of it? That was just a gypsy trying to sell you something. God knows what you gave me that night.’
But the others weren’t laughing.
‘This has gone far enough. Howie, just untie me man.’ Nick asked.
‘Can’t do it, Nick.’
‘Brian, don’t tell me you fell for this as well?’ Nick tried.
‘I know what I saw in Germany.’ Brian simply said.
‘No can do, Nick.’
‘Come on, Kevin. You know there is no possibility I could turn into a werewolf and do what?’
‘Go on a killing spree and be lost to us forever.’
Nick just shook his head. This was to crazy to be true.

‘Ok, let’s be serious about this as I am tied up and not going anywhere. We’ve been talking away nicely here and time has passed. So what is the time now?’ Nick tried to reason his way out of this situation.
Howie looked at his watch.
‘5 passed midnight.’
They all looked at each other.
‘I’m still here. Nothing has changed.’ Nick smiled at them.
‘Let’s just give it another couple of minutes.’ Brian suggested.
Kevin looked at his watch.
‘We wait till 1 am.’
They all nodded and settled down, waiting for time to pass.
Nick could not believe this. His party was getting on without him. He wasn’t going to change into a werewolf.

They all sat in silence. Once in a while AJ looked out of the window. It was eerily quiet out there. Suddenly he saw something move.
‘There is something out there.’ AJ just said. The others joined him at the window.
Suddenly the howling of a wolf was heard outside. Soon to be joined by more howling. Wolves run in a pack and this was a large pack.
They turned at the sound of an angry snarl behind them. Involuntarily they all took a step back. There was Nick, or rather not Nick but the werewolf. He had changed so fast they hadn’t even noticed. They looked at eachother. What to do? A pack outside and one inside.
Nick was getting angry, pulling his ropes, trying to free himself.
‘Kevin!’ he snarled.
‘Untie me, now!’
Kevin just shook his head. He had never felt so scared as he was now.
‘Untie me before they get in.’ Nick yelled.
‘Nick, little bro. We can’t do that. We don’t want to loose you.’ Brian said.
‘You won’t. Trust me!’
Nick continued pulling his ropes. He needed to get free.
Suddenly a noise at the door. Someone or something was trying to get in. 4 pair of eyes looked at the door, willing it to be strong. The gypsy had never said anything about other werewolves.
Howie and Kevin ran to the door to barricade it. As they turned their back, the window shattered in a thousand pieces. And then they were inside. Three more werewolves, slowly moving towards them.
Brian was frozen in time. The werewolf closed in on him. AJ pulled Brian along, trying to get as far from them as possible.
Howie and Kevin were trapped against the door. The two other werewolves making their way to them. Kevin looked at Howie and an unspoken agreement was made. They faced the werewolves and together ran straight to them, hoping a surprise attack might push them back. But the next moment they were flying through the room, landing hard against the wall and passing out even before they hit the floor.
Nick was still struggling. With his long teeth he tried to bite through the ropes. He had to get of this chair. And finally they gave way.

As the three werewolves went for AJ and Brian, Nick suddenly jumped on them. With his big claws he started fighting ......... the other werewolves!
AJ and Brian were to amazed to say anything. Three against one was not a fair fight. But there was nothing they could do to help Nick now.
Staying close against the wall, well out of reach of the werewolves, AJ and Brian made their way to Kevin and Howie. They were just coming around again. Shaking his head, Kevin asked:
‘Where is Nick?’
Brian just pointed to the fight.
‘He’s fighting these three.’
‘Fighting them?’ Kevin looked up.
Nick was having a hard time. He had a deep gash on his left arm.
‘We have to help him.’ Howie said.
They all got up. The chair Nick had been sitting on had broken in the fight and they each took a leg as weapon. Then they charged in. Soon the three werewolves decided they had had enough. It was one thing fighting people. It was another if one of their own turned against them.
They were all sitting on the floor, exhausted. As they were looking at Nick they slowly saw him turn back into their normal Nick.

But as soon as he lost his werewolf strength, Nick fell down as well, grabbing his arm.
The others crawled to him.
Gently Kevin turned Nick on his back. He was crying in pain.
Howie rushed to the bathroom to get a towel to put on the wound. Brian helped Nick sit up. And for a moment they all sat in silence.
‘Care to tell us what just happened?’ Kevin finally asked.
Nick looked at them and smiled.
‘I did remember what happened in Germany. Not immediately but later, when we got back home. I thought I had dreamed it all.’
‘Why didn’t you say something to us?’ Brian asked.
‘Yeah, and have you make fun of me? I didn’t think you’d believe me.’
‘We were there when it happened.’ AJ said.
‘Yes, but in the light of day and that stuff.... So anyway I started researching and went to see someone.’
‘You knew this was coming?’ Howie asked.
‘Yes, it knew something would happen tonight. Full moons are always a bit tricky for me. This was not the first time I changed.’
The others were all stunned to hear this.
‘Last time I changed I noticed I didn’t want to go out and kill, just felt extra protective about the people I love. So I knew I’d never hurt any of you.’
‘So, we’ve been living with our own private protecting werewolf. Cool!’ AJ smiled.
‘Are you ok, Nick?’ Kevin asked still worried.
‘Yes, Kev. I’m fine. With my ‘special’ metabolism this will heal in no time.’

They all helped eachother up from the floor and laughed as they saw their bedraggled state.
‘Let’s get back to my party.’
And with that they walked out into the night, feeling so much safer with their ‘guardian angel Nick’ behind them.

The end.