This story is the result of another challenge:

Howie is taking you to an benefit dinner and he wants to help you pick out an outfit to go with the special surprise gift he is going to give you that evening...tell us about your shopping trip with him...and what you eventually wear...and what the surprise gift is...

The outfit.


‘Keep your eyes shut!’ Howie warned me playfully.  He was leading me through a new shopping mall.  He had seen this new shop he wanted us to visit.  And especially for the thing that was happening tonight.  He was nervous enough about that himself.  Not only about what he, and the others for that matter, were considering doing.  But trying to get me involved, that would be the trick.


I heard him open the door and lead me inside.

Nervously he said: ‘you can open your eyes.’

‘Oh, wow!’ was all I said.

Howie had brought me to a Victoria’s Secrets boutique (  I love this shop.  Turning to face him, I gave him a quick kiss.

‘Go and choose yourself something really sexy.  We have exclusive use of the shop for the next two hours.’

And indeed, the front windows had been covered up.  It felt very much an intimate bedroom rather than a shop.

On a table in the middle were two glasses and a cold bottle of champagne.  While I started looking through all the lace and silk in all different colors and designs, Howie opened the bottle and poured us each a glass.  He settle down in a comfortable chair and watched me, eyes lit up by all the goodies.

‘Try some on!’

‘You think I could?’

‘Of course, Sweetheart.’

I picked out of couple of outfits, walked over to Howie, took a sip from his glass and kissed him.  Then I disappeared in one of the changing rooms.

After a few minutes I walked out in a white embroided merrywidow.

Howie nodded approvingly.

I disappeared again and came out in a silk teddy.  Howie sat quietly, getting more and more uncomfortable in the chair.

When I came out in a Flyaway Babydoll, he felt his erection strain against his pants.  I noticed his flustered cheeks.  Slowly I walked over to him.  Howie didn’t know how to sit in the chair any more.  He put down his glass of champagne as I approached.  I took his hand and slowly caressed his fingers with my lips, licking them one by one before taking his middle finger in my mouth, sucking it in hard.

I lowered myself onto his lap, feeling him through his pants which in turn turned me on.

My breathing was getting faster as his other hand slipped in the Babydoll, running over my body.  Letting go of his finger, I leaned over to kiss him deeply, tongues fighting for control.

‘Sweetheart.........’ he tried to whisper in between.

Moving a little, my hands were able to open his trousers and release his hard cock.  I gasped at the heat coming of him.

With the Babydoll I had put on a jeweled strap V-String.  Unclasping the sides of the V-String, Howie quickly removed it.

Suddenly he thrust his fingers deep inside my wet heat.  I threw my head back in delight,

‘Baby, ........ more please.’ I pleaded.

He removed his fingers and positioned himself at my entrance.

Slowly I went down on him, taking him in me completely.  For a moment we didn’t move.

His hands then started roaming around, opening the Babydoll, revealing my breasts, licking the hardened nipple, only to suck hard on it the next moment.  I started moving my pelvis.  I needed to kiss him.  I pulled his hair, forcing his face up.  Our tongues entwined in a heated kiss, feeling him move inside and out.

An explosion of intense pleasure washed through us all to soon.


It was quiet as we both tried to catch our breath.  I stayed on his lap, not wanting to loose him.

Finally we looked into each others eyes.   Smiling he took our glasses and handed me one.  After a quick sip, he said:

‘Definitely have to buy that one.’

‘Mmhhmm.’ I just nodded.

I felt him slip out of me and reluctantly got up.

‘There is one more I’d like to try on.’

I walked back to the dressing room, taking the V-String and Babydoll along.


This last one was one of my favorites, a purple ‘Back to Romance’ Lace Minidress.  It showed most of my back, revealing yet covered enough to leave something to the imagination.

I wore the V-String underneath and it made me feel real sexy.


When I walked out, I saw Howie’s eyes light up.

‘That’s what you are going to wear tonight for the benefit dinner.’

I startled a bit.

‘What is this benefit dinner we are going to?  You have been very quiet about that.’

I could see the sparkles in his eyes.

‘You’ll see tonight.’

‘I still think this is not quite dinner material.’

‘It’ll be just perfect!’ Howie assured me.


I changed back into my clothes and soon we left the shop.


The rest of the afternoon we just relaxed at home.  At no time did Howie even mention the dinner we were going to.


When we finally got dressed, I noticed Howie was wearing his tuxedo.  He had matched his waistband to the color of my dress.

He whistled admiringly when I emerged from the bathroom.  Although I felt a little uncomfortable, it did also make me feel very sexy.


By 8 a limousine was picking us up.  When I got in the car, the others were already waiting.  I looked at  stunned, silenced faces as they looked me up and down and nodded approvingly.


‘So is any of you going to tell me what this is about?’

But all I got were mischievous smiles and giggles.

Turning up my eyes, I settled down to enjoy the ride.


The mansion we drove to was enormous.  The security very severe.  But we got through without any problem.


I was proud of my boys when I got out of the limo, seeing them standing together, all in black tuxedos with as only color accent the match to my dress.  I felt something was up but didn’t have a clue what it could be about.


Howie and Kevin held out their arms for me to hold.  Brian, AJ and Nick following behind.


I must say I was a bit surprised seeing our host.  When Hugh Heffner took my hand to kiss, he turned out to be ever so charming.

‘Dear Ilse,  I’m so glad you were able to join me for this exclusive party.’

‘Thank you, Mr. Heffner.’

‘Please, Hugh.’

‘Hugh.  I just wish I knew what my boys were up to.’

Hugh smiled at Howie.

‘I’m impressed you kept it quiet.’ Hugh addressed Howie.

‘It wasn’t easy.’

‘Well, Dear, May I first say how much I love your outfit.  It is just perfect.  I have organized this exclusive dinner with the Backstreet Boys.  Everyone attending has paid a considerable sum to dine with these guys and receive an after dinner exclusive photo.’

Nick couldn’t help but grin at the prospect.

‘Is this photo going to appear in you magazine as well?’ I asked.

‘No.  But that is why these good people have paid so much.  You will see later tonight.’

I couldn’t help but smile.  I was sure I’d get the full picture pretty soon.

‘May I escort you to the dinner area.’

Hugh took my hand and lead me further inside.

We came to a room full of people.  Hugh cleared his throat.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you: Howie, Nick, Kevin, AJ and Brian, The Backstreet Boys!’

A roaring applause erupted.

While Hugh lead me to a nearby table, the guys started working the room, making sure to take their time at each table.  After all these people were paying a lot of money.  And Hugh would double it to match the income of this little gathering.  Each charity the guys represented would benefit from this dinner.


Finally they made their way back to the table and dinner was served.


It was all very enjoyable and after a few hours all the guests left.

I was really starting to wonder about these photos.  I had seen the occasional photo being taken during the dinner but that didn’t seem very exclusive.  And now everyone was going except us.


Hugh saw my confusion and lead me to another part of the mansion.  It turned out to be a large photo studio.

I had lost the guys somewhere along the way but funnily didn’t really worry.

‘Dear Ilse, these ladies will touch up your make-up and hair.  Soon I will come to get you.’

And Hugh left me in an enormous dressing room.

By the time the girls finished with me, I really felt relaxed and good.

Hugh arrived and lead me to the main set.  I admit I stopped for a moment when I saw the guys standing on the set wearing nothing but a small white towel around their waist.


Howie saw me enter and came to me.

‘Hey, baby.  How are you?’

‘I’m fine but you guys seem to be wearing a lot less than when I last saw you.’ I smiled.

His face turned a darker shade.  I could always make him blush.

‘We need to do some photos but Hugh has promised they will be tasteful.  Still we all decided we wanted you in the pictures as well, kind of diverting the attention from us.’

‘Hold it.  You don’t expect me to ......’

‘No, no, no.  It’s just us.  But if you are in the picture, they might not see us to much.’

‘Very unlikely, sweetheart.’ I laughed.

‘OK, can we get everyone on the set?’  the photographer called us.

We each got appointed our spot and a few photo’s were taken with the towels on, just so everyone would relax a bit.

If they could have, they would have all hidden behind me when the photographer finally asked to take away the towels.


Everyone tensed up again.  I felt this was going to be difficult for them so I tried to take their minds of the man.  I started to joke around with Howie, soon getting Nick involved, who pulled along Brian, who in his turn got his cousin to loosen up.  And AJ, he didn’t have any problems to start with.


It was a great photoshoot in the end with groupphoto’s and individual photo’s, all very tastefully done.


By the time we got home, the sun was nearly rising.  We all gathered on the patio of our house, looking over the sea, just relaxing over a cup of coffee or tea.  Not a lot was said.  But then we just spend a few hours together naked.  And when you have seen someone’s butt naked, there is not a lot they can hide anymore.


A few weeks later, Hugh send us the photo’s to choose from.


We finally decided on 1 group photo and one of each individually.  Only 6 photo’s would be send out to those privileged enough to have paid handsomely for them.


Those people also signed a contract never to release or sell those photos by penalty of a serious lawsuit.  So we all felt pretty comfortable.


But tell you something: I did get to keep a copy of all 102 photos that were made.  And once in a while, when Howie is traveling, I’ll get them out and drool over those gorgeous bodies.


That was my special present from Howie.


The End