This is a Slash story.  Don't read it if you are not old enough or don't like male/male relationships.

Again, No I don't know any of these guys!


He heard the key in the door and slowly turned his head.  What now?  He was weak, tired, cold and confused.  What did they want from him now?

Three weeks he was already locked up in this cold dark cell.  Once in a while other men were locked up with him but they never stayed very long.  He never knew what happened to them either.  He didn’t really care.  He wanted out, away from this prison.

The door slowly opened and he got up from the bed where he had been resting.  Two men with guns forced him to the back wall as always, not speaking but looking menacing.

Other men dragged a wet bag inside the room and left it there for him.  The men left the room.

Carefully he walked to the bag and untied the rope, not knowing what to expect.  Finding an unconscious man had been the last thing he expected.

‘Bastards!’ he shouted, knowing there would be someone on the other end of the camera.  Those he had found on his first day in his cell.  He had tried to destroy them but was treated to a beating for his effort.  He never touched them again.

He looked at the man in the bag, young, blond and soaking wet.  The face looked familiar.  He held the man under his arms and pulled him free from the bag.  His clothes were wet and he started to shiver.

‘Who are you?  Why did they do this to you?’ he said more to himself, not expecting an answer.

But suddenly the man’s eye opened, saw his face and whispered: ‘Help’ before passing out again.

‘I need to get you dry and warm.  Hope you don’t mind but I need to take those wet clothes of’

It was not easy undressing an unconscious man.  He wondered about all the tattoos.  He liked some of them, others less.

He put the man in bed and covered him with the small blanket.  There was nothing else he could use.  But the man was still very cold.  So he took of all his clothes and curled up behind the blond, sharing his body warmth.

He must have fallen asleep as he was woken by the blond mans moaning.  Waking up fully he looked at his guest.  Handsome was the first word that came to mind.  He should get up because the man was no longer cold.  But it felt so good, lying next to him.

Startling, the young man woke up.  He turned around and saw a naked man next to him.  That made him jump up, pull the covers closer over him when he noticed he was not wearing anything.  Looking around, he asked:

‘Where am I?  Who are you?’

Slowly he got up from the bed and walked to his own clothes, putting them on again.

He turned to face the man:

‘I’m Urs.  And this is my prison.  By the way, I was just trying to warm up your body again.  You were freezing cold and wet when they left you.’

‘Thanks. I’m Nick, Nick Carter. How did I get here?’

Urs lifted his eyebrows.


‘Very funny.  We were getting ready for the show and suddenly I got a bag over my head and I was knocked out.’


‘Yes, I’m with the Backstreet Boys.’

‘Thought you looked familiar.  Anyway, you must have ended in water because I had to pull you out of this wet bag.’

Urs bent down to pick up his T-shirt where he had dropped it.  Suddenly the world started turning around.  Unable to steady him anywhere, he collapsed on the floor.  Nick ran over.

‘Urs, you ok?’

Urs shook his head.

‘Not eaten anything in a week.’ He managed to say.

Nick lifted him from the cold floor and put him on the bed. Urs’ eyes were closed.  Nick carefully pushed the hair from out of his eyes and noticed the handsome face.  A thought flashed into his mind, one he knew he should not have but he couldn’t help himself.

‘Nick, think of something else.’ He said to himself.

A smile appeared on Urs’ face.

‘What were you thinking of?’ Urs asked opening his eyes carefully.  Little lights were shining in them.  This was the best he had felt in weeks, even hungry and weak as he was.

Nick also noticed the little lights.

‘Never you mind.  How can we get some food for you?  And dry clothes for me?’

‘Help me up.’

Nick supported Urs as he walked to the middle of the room.

‘Had your fun?   Get us some food and dry clothes for Nick!’

Nick helped Urs to sit down again.

‘That helps?’

‘Just wait.’

It did not take long indeed before the door was opened again.  The two armed men drove Urs and Nick to the back wall.  A third man came in with some clothes and another brought some food.  Without a word spoken, they left again.

Nick quickly put on the clothes and then settled on the floor next to Urs to have a bite to eat.  Urs had thrown himself on the bread and roast chicken.  Nick had a good look at him.  He was dirty and skinny, starting to grow a beard, probably from being locked up in this dump.  But the face was familiar.

‘You are that tenor that’s gone missing’ Nick stated as a matter of fact.

Urs was surprised, but nodded.

‘Don’t eat to fast now.  You’ll get stomach cramp.’ Nick warned.  Urs looked at him but did slow down.

‘Sorry, hungry.’

‘So I see.  What happened?’

Urs looked around his cell.  If only he knew what had happened.

‘Three weeks ago, I was riding my bike to a meeting with the other guys.  A van sideswiped me and made me crash.  I must have been knocked out by the fall.  I remember being dragged into this van, blindfolded and driven away.  They brought me here.  Does anyone miss me out there?’ he asked carefully.

‘Hey, I know about you and I’m not a big opera fan.  I’m sure a lot of people are looking for you.’  Nick tried to sound upbeat as he noticed Urs was getting depressed.

‘It’s been three weeks, Nick.  Why am I still here?  It’s not like they want anything from me.  I just sit here and wait.  Sometimes other men are brought, like you.  Well, not quite the same.  They were just blindfolded and I didn’t know them.  They had been kidnapped as well, just from the street.  After a few days they were gone.  But I’m still here.  Why, Nick?’

Silent tears were running down his face.  Nick got up and moved behind Urs, sitting down, his legs each side of Urs and his arms around him, making Urs lean into him.  And three weeks of loneliness and anxiety fell of Urs as he cried in Nick’s arms.

After a while the tears subsided but Nick did not let go yet.  He had a feeling Urs didn’t want him to either.

‘I’m afraid I’m loosing my voice.’ He said quietly.

Nick turned him around in his arms.

‘No, I’m sure it is still there.  Your heart may be heavy now and that makes it difficult to sing.  Let’s sing something together.  How about the song from the Pussycat Dolls: I hate this part right here?’

A small smile appeared on Urs’ face.

Nick started singing and carefully Urs joined in after a while.

When they stopped singing, Nick said:

‘Told you it’s not gone.’

Urs nodded.

‘Thanks, Nick.  Not just for the song.  Guess I needed the hug as well.’

Nick nodded and then let go of Urs.

They ate a bit more in silence, calmly now, taking their time.  And slowly they started talking about what had happened to get them there.

As the day went on, they talked about their careers and time in the business.  It was good to talk about the daily things in life again.  And Urs started to hope that perhaps an end would come to this ordeal.

It was only because of their watches that they knew it was night time and they should get some rest.

‘Only one bed.’ Urs stated the obvious.

‘That didn’t stop you earlier.’ Nick looked at Urs.

‘I’ll keep my clothes on this time.’

‘If you insist.’ Nick winked.  Urs laughed.  Was there more going on here?  But he found he liked the attentions of this young American.

They laid down in bed, Nick spooning Urs, giving him some more support.  And soon they were asleep.


Behind the camera, someone was indeed sitting, watching everything Urs and Nick were doing.

‘I knew I’d find your match, Urs.  Enjoy it while you can.  Soon it will come to an end.’ 



Nick woke up as something was bugging him.  Something Urs had said early on.  He lay awake but not moving.  Urs felt so comfortable in his arms, he did not want to loose the contact.

But when he realised what it had been that was tugging at him, he shook Urs awake.

‘Urs, Baby, wake up. Sorry, Urs, wake up, man’

Urs opened his eyes, confused.  Had he just heard Nick call him ‘Baby’?

‘Focus, Urs.’

They both sat up now.

‘Talk to me about those other men!’

‘Not a lot to say.  They came and after about two days they were gone again.  Why?’

‘How many have passed by?  Did you know any of them?’

Urs was getting all confused now.

‘I guess about 5 men.  No, I didn’t know any of them’

Nick thought some more about it.


Urs touched his hand to get his attention.  Nick turned to look in his eyes and took hold of Urs’ right hand.  His left hand slowly went up to Urs’ hair, putting his fingers through the silky strands, and then he closed the gap, kissing Urs full on the mouth.  Urs did not resist.  On the contrary, it felt just right.

When they finally broke contact, Urs asked:

‘What happened?’

Nick was looking scared now.

‘I just wanted to kiss you once, in case I don’t make it out alive.’

Urs startled.

‘Why do you say that?’

‘Urs, 5 men were found over the last few weeks.  All were brutally murdered.  I don’t know what they want from you but I have a feeling I know what they want from me.’

‘No! No, they can’t have, can’t do that to you.  I won’t let them.’

‘We need to get out of here, now!’

Urs was panicking.  Suddenly he pulled Nick down on top of him.

‘Pretend we are making out.’ He whispered to Nick.

Nick started shaking his head.

‘Urs, I don’t just kiss everyone.’ Nick hesitated.

That brought a smile to Urs’ face.

‘They are listening in.  And we need a plan.’

Nick started to plant small kisses on his face, not quite touching Urs’ lips, allowing him to whisper in his ear.

‘You need to escape.  Leave me.  I’m too weak to do anything.’

‘Shut up and kiss me.  We are leaving together or not at all.’ Nick was determined.

Urs kissed Nick hesitantly.  You could tell he was not used to acting like this with a man.  For a moment both were silent, Nick’s hands roaming Urs’ body.

‘In a moment, pretend to faint.’   Nick whispered.

‘If you keep this up, I just might.’ Urs whispered back.

Nick kissed Urs once more on the lips and then Urs seemed to collapse.  His body went limp, his arm fell of the bed and his face was all white.  Nick jumped up and started screaming:

‘Urs, wake up.  What’s wrong?’

Nick ran to the middle of the room and shouted.

‘Get a doctor!   Urs has collapsed.’

It did not take long for two men to walk into the room.  Focussing on Urs they did not see Nick move up behind them.  Nick kicked the first man in the back of his knees and he went down immediately, leaving himself vulnerable and open for Nick to finish him off.  The second had a moment to recover and Nick was jumped from behind.

But Urs had managed to get up enough to help.  He hit the man on the head and this one had to let Nick go.  Nick turned around and with full force knocked the man out.

‘Come on, let’s move’

Nick ran out of the door, Urs following a bit slower.  They had a lot of stairs to climb.  At the top, bright sunlight was calling to them.  They had to get there fast before anyone else started to follow them.

Halfway up the stairs, Urs went through his knees.

‘Nick!’  He called ahead.

Nick saw Urs sitting on the stairs.

‘Go Nick.  Leave me behind.’  But Nick came back down and pulled Urs up.

‘Never.  I’m taking you with me.’

Nearly lifting up Urs, he hooked under his arm and around his waist and started running up de stairs again.

It seemed like ages before they broke into the sunlight.  But when they did they had to shelter their eyes and did not immediately see where they were.  Nick did not take a lot of time, rushing down the road, away from this house of horror.


In the house, behind the cameras the person gave instructions:

‘Let them go.  This was only the beginning.’



Nick looked behind them but no one was following so he slowed down a bit.

‘I recognise this.  We’re still in London.’ Nick told Urs.  But this one was just trying to keep himself together, close to collapse if Nick had not been holding him tightly.

Nick lead them to a hotel close by.  There were always taxis in the neighbourhood of hotels.  And also today.

Nick walked to the first cab and pushed Urs in the seat, instructing the driver to the hotel he had been staying at with the guys only a few days ago.  They would not have left yet.

Ten minutes later the cab reached a big hotel in the centre of London.  Nick had to pull Urs out of the cab, still supporting him as he shouted to the doorman:

‘Pay that cab’ and ran into the hotel.

In the reception area, Nick nearly bumped into Marcus.

‘Nick! Where were you?’ he said surprised.

‘Marcus, get the police.  Where are the guys?’

‘Howie’s room.’

As Marcus moved off to call the police, Nick helped Urs to the elevators.  Once inside the cabin, he leaned Urs against the wall still staying close to support him.

‘Thank you.’ Urs whispered.  He was so tired, leaning his head on Nicks shoulder.

Soon they reach the floor where Nick had to get out.  Nearly carrying Urs now, Nick quickly moved to Howie’s room.  The door was already open as Marcus had called ahead.

Nick walked straight to the bed and put Urs down, collapsing now also next to him.

But he did not get a chance to rest.  His friends wanted to know everything that had happened.

Nick briefly told them about being knocked out, waking up with Urs and their recent escape.  Howie got some ice in a towel to put on Nick’s hand as that started to swell up.  Luckily it didn’t feel like it was broken.

‘Urs, are you ok?’ Nick asked worried as his friend had not moved in a while.

With a lot of effort, Urs sat up on the bed.

‘Yes, thanks.  I need to call the others.’

Howie pulled out his cell phone and gave it to Urs.

With a faint shake, Urs dialled the number to David’s phone.

‘David?’ he said faintly when the call was answered.  Nick could only hear part of the conversation, but it was obvious from Urs’ face that David was pleased to hear him.

‘Yes, David.  I’m in London.  I need to talk to the police now but you can reach me through the hotel, room number . . . .’

Urs looked at Nick and covering the mouthpiece he asked:

‘Can I get a room here?’

‘Give him room number 1524.’

Urs finished his call with David and gave the phone back to Howie just as Marcus came in with the police. 

The next hour both Nick and Urs were questioned.  Police had been sent to the house Nick described.  But by the time they reached it, everything had gone without a trace.

And then it was time to recover.  Howie, AJ and Brian had ordered some food to Nick’s room and left him and Urs to recover from their ordeal.

Nick took a shower first and then Urs did the same.

Finally some hot water on his body helped Urs and by the time he left the bathroom, he felt stronger again.

He walked into the room.  Nick was sitting in the settee, waiting for Urs so they could to have something to eat together.  Looking over at the now clean shaven Urs, Nick felt his heart jump a beat.  Nick got up and walked to the bed where some fresh clothes were waiting.

Walking to Urs, he noticed the change.  But trying not to notice, he handed Urs the clothes.

‘Nick, ‘ Urs started.

‘It’s ok.  The whole situation and that.  I understand’ but Nick turned away to the window.  He didn’t expect to feel Urs’ arms around him.

‘Nick, I don’t know what this is.  Up to a few months ago I had a steady relationship but I was not happy.  But you kissed me.  And ... Please turn around.’

Nick slowly turned.

‘Nick, I don’t know where this will take us.  No one has ever made me faint just from a kiss.’

Nick smiled.

‘Nick, hold me.’

As Nick wanted to give Urs a hug, Urs pulled him to the bed.

‘Hold me like before.’

Urs dropped the towel he had wrapped around his waist and lay down on the bed.  Hesitantly, Nick joined him nearly afraid to touch Urs.  Gently he put his hand on Urs’ arm, caressing it up to his face.  He could feel Urs tremble underneath him.  Gently Nick touched his lips, licking them until Urs opened his mouth and invited Nick in with his tongue. Urs moaned in Nick’s mouth.  No woman had ever made him feel like this.  The kiss intensified while Nick’s hand roamed over Urs’ body.  Urs was shaking harder now and Nick noticed.

‘Sst, Baby.  Just calm down. ‘

Nick caressed Urs’ face.

‘Can you tell I’ve never been with a man?’ Urs asked scared.

‘That’s ok.  We can take our time and see where we go.  You have a great body and when you are ready, and you want it, we can be intimate.  We don’t have to rush things now.’

Urs pulled Nick closer again and kissed him deeply.  At least that part he was good at.  But at the same time he was not ready to go further.  Which didn’t stop them from feeling each other and kissing where ever they could.  Soon Nick had lost his clothes as well and they both enjoyed just lying in each others arms. 

They fed each other, laughed and just enjoyed each others company.  Even naked on the bed it was like the most natural thing for them already.

A knock on the door stopped their conversation.  Nick quickly put some clothes on while Urs went to the bathroom.

It was Brian.

‘Nick, how are you doing?’

‘Better thanks.  We’ve had a rest and something to eat.  Urs is in the bathroom.’

And at that moment Urs walked out fully dressed again.

 ‘Urs, looking a lot better already!’ Brian greeted him.

‘Thanks.  I feel a lot better.  Any news from the police.’

‘Nothing, I’m afraid.  But you are save here with all our security.’  Urs smiled and looked at Nick.  Yes, he was save here.

Another knock on the door made them all turn around.  Nick opened the door and in walked Seb, Carlos and David, immediately running to Urs to hug their friend.  For a moment, the noise was endless in the room.  Urs had to tell them what had happened over the last three weeks.  Carlos filled Urs in on what had been happening on their side, how they had been looking, waiting for any news.   

And then it was time to go.  Planes were waiting, tours needed to be completed, life had to continue as it had been before.

It was a hearty goodbye where everyone promised to go and see each others show next time they were in the same town.  No one really noticed that Urs and Nick were getting quiet.  Everyone shook hands and left Nick’s room, all going down together.  The conversation was animated in the elevators and soon they reached the exit.  Urs was walking out with his friends when suddenly he turned back and walked to Nick.  Without another word spoken, they looked into each others eyes and then just hugged. 

As Urs walked back he tried not to show his tears to the others.  But Seb noticed.

‘Urs, you OK?  He’s just a kid.’

Urs laughed.

‘He did save my life.’

And without looking back they got into a cab to drive to the airport.

Howie, Brian and AJ had noticed the whole exchange and gave Nick some time.  They knew Nick a long time already and had seen the signs.  He had feelings for this man.  Then they pulled Nick back to the elevator, up to their rooms.

‘You ok?’

Howie asked concerned in the elevator.

Nick looked at his friends.

‘I’ll be fine, given some time.’

When Nick got back to his room, he found a pile of neatly folded clothes in the bathroom.  Urs had not taken them and Nick carefully picked them up, taking in the scent and then packing them in his bag.



The Backstreet Boys tour went on through the rest of Europe.  The missed date was rescheduled for later that month in the O2 Arena in London.


The Il Divo tour was halted for another week.  Urs needed to recover and his voice needed some rest.  The dates were rescheduled as well.


Nick hadn’t heard from Urs since the time at the hotel.  He was sure he’d forgotten about him.  But as luck would have it, the BSB tour was a day early in London just as Il Divo were appearing at the same venue.  During the day, the guys finished all their interviews and then went back to the hotel.

Howie noticed Nick was very quiet.

‘No news from him?’

Nick looked up from his reverie.

‘No, guess he changed his mind.’

‘Well, we thought you might like to go to the concert so we bought some tickets.’

Nick was surprised.

‘You mean you all want to go with me?’

Howie looked at his friend.

‘Do you really have to ask?  Now go and get ready.  Show him what he’s missing if he doesn’t want you.’

Nick jumped up and ran to his room.  Howie shook his head and smiled, going to his own room to get ready.

By 8 they all got to the venue.  Security saw them straight to their seats, a bit surprised that a group like The Backstreet Boys would attend their concert.  They had great seats, not to close but not to far away.  Just right for someone on stage to see someone in the audience.

People around them started asking for signatures while they were waiting for the show to start.

Then the room went dark and the music started.  And then the four men appeared on the stage.  Nick held his breath as he saw Urs in his Armani suite looking gorgeous.

While singing they walked down the ramp to the circle in the front.  The backdrop was different pictures of Urs, Seb, Carlos and David alternating with live projection.  It must have been with the third song that Urs looked out, straight into Nick’s eyes.  A wide smile appeared at this unexpected pleasure at seeing him again.  A wide smile was plastered on Nick’s face as well.  And from then onward, whenever Urs could, he would walk over to where Nick was sitting, lingering a bit longer than he should be.

During the break, Urs could not stop smiling.

‘Have you seen a girl you fancy?’

Carlos asked out of the blue.

Urs looked up from tying his shoes.

‘Not really, why?’

‘You are singing technically perfect as usual but tonight there is something special, different.’

‘Yes, I’ve noticed as well.  Like you are in love and singing to just that one special person.’ Seb confirmed.

‘Come on, tell us.  Who is she?’

David now also asked.

Urs just shook his head and finished tying his shoe laces.

‘No special girl out there for me.’

But he said it with such a smile, none of the others really believed it.

‘Well, what ever it is, it’s doing you good!’ Carlos said while walking out with Urs to start the second half of the concert.

Near to the end of the concert, Urs pointed out the four members of the Backstreet Boys to the others.  They were pleased to see them as well.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, we have some good friends in the public this evening.  Stand up guys: The Backstreet Boys!’ Carlos introduced them.

Howie, Nick, AJ and Brian got up briefly, waving to the fans and sat down again.

After the concert, they were lead backstage to meet up with the men.

‘Great to see you again, Howie.’ Carlos greeted them warmly.  They all shook hands but only Howie, AJ and Brian noticed the lingered touch between Nick and Urs and then Urs pulling Nick into a quick hug.

‘Thanks for warming up the venue for us.  That was a great concert!’ AJ said to David.

‘Warm up?’ Urs asked.

‘Yes, as soon as your guys have broken down, ours start building.  We are playing here tomorrow evening.’ Howie explained.

They chatted on for a while and then said their goodbyes.  Il Divo was travelling to Switzerland for a few days before heading over to the other side of the ocean to start their American leg of the tour.  Nick was sad he would not have more time and alone time with Urs but he was so happy having seen him and touched him even briefly again.

In the cab ride back, Nick was quiet again.

‘Guys, I can’t help it.  I love him.’

‘That, dearest Nick is so obvious to us.’ AJ laughed.

‘Go for it.  I have the impression he has feelings for you as well.’ Brian said.

Nick was so pleased he could talk to his friends about this.  His heart felt like it was going to explode.

Back in the dressing room, Urs tried to sound casual as he suggested:

‘Why don’t we go to their concert tomorrow evening?  Would be the decent thing to do.’  No one noticed the shaking in his voice, trained as he was.

‘I thought you wanted to pass by at home before we flew off.’ Carlos asked a bit surprised.

‘One day won’t make that much of a difference.’

‘Guess it won’t.  Been ages since I’ve gone to a pop concert.’  Seb agreed.

Urs let out the breath he had been holding.  Packing up their stuff they left for the hotel and a good nights rest.



By the time BSB got to the venue for the afternoon Sound Check party, Nick had spend some time on the internet and found the tour dates for the US and Canada for Il Divo.  In his head he already calculated how far apart or close they would be as the BSB tour was also going back home to start their US leg of the tour.  But how to get hold of Urs.  He didn’t want to attract attention to him and Urs.  AJ, Howie and Brian knew Nick was gay but he doubted the same could be said from David, Seb and Carlos.  Especially seeing Urs had had a girlfriend not to long ago.

The sound check went great and Nick felt good.  He hoped to put his plan in action for the US so he was hopeful to see Urs again soon.

Time went fast and before long it was time to allow the people into the venue.

Urs was waiting anxiously in reception of the hotel while the others got ready to leave.  Why did these guys always need so much time to get ready, he wondered.

As soon as he saw them come, he already walked out for a cab. 

‘Settle down, Urs.  We’ll get there in time.’ Carlos smiled at his friend.

For Urs the cab ride took too long but then they reached the venue again.  They were not wearing Armani suits this time, just comfortable jeans or slacks with a t-shirt and jacket.  Nevertheless, Marcus noticed them immediately between the crowds and led them in.

‘Gentlemen, did you want to sit or stand?’

‘What do you suggest?’ David asked.

‘Standing area you just might get crushed and become deaf.  I’d suggest some seats on the side.’


‘Just follow me.’

Marcus led them to some seats on the side where they could still see everything and get close enough for the guys to notice them.

The act before the show took long.  At least that’s how Urs felt it was like.  The arena was full.  And then the show started.  The whole arena started screaming and singing along with each song. 

They hadn’t expected such a lively show with all the steps and jumping about and singing at the same time.  Urs loved it.  The adrenaline shot up in his body when finally the guys started walking around the stage, acknowledging some of the fans.  Nick was running over to their side of the stage and suddenly stood face to face with Urs.  Nick nearly skipped a beat.  He waved quickly at Urs, making sure he knew he had seen him.  Rushing over to the others, they soon were aware of Urs and the others at the show and passed by one by one to say hello.

‘Hey everyone, we have some special friends at the show today.  Please show your love for Sebastian, Carlos, David and Urs from Il Divo!  Stand up, guys!’  Nick introduced them.

The arena went wild.

The show lasted for two hours and at the end no one wanted it to end.

High on adrenaline and love, Nick ran back to the dressing room after making sure Marcus would get Il Divo to join them there in a while.

Howie, Nick, AJ and Brian were just showered and getting dressed when Marcus knocked on the door and let Il Divo in.

Urs ran straight to Nick and they high-fived.

‘Did you like it?’ Nick asked quickly.

‘How do you do it?  All those steps and you still have energy now.’ Urs said exited.  Carlos shook his head.  He had never seen Urs like that.  Yes, he had been in a metal band but that was a long time ago.

‘Settle down, kids!’ He called to them.

Howie and Brian nearly fell over laughing.

‘Good one.  Nick is always like that but I didn’t know Urs was as well?’ AJ said.

‘He usually isn’t.’ Seb looked over to Urs and Nick.

‘You wanna joins us for the after party?’ Nick blurted out.

‘Lots of pretty girls!’ he quickly added.

‘How about it Urs?  Perhaps you can find that pretty girl from yesterday.’ Seb suggested.

Urs went bright red and Carlos, Seb and David laughed.

‘Urs was singing with so much feeling yesterday, we are sure he must have seen one hot girl in the audience last night.’ Carlos explained.

Howie looked over at Nick, knowing exactly who they were talking about even if they didn’t.

‘If you are sure.  We have not been to an after party for a while.’



In a few cars they drove to the after party.  And as promised there were a lot of pretty girls.  BSB spend some time with them on the dance floor and after about two hours, only a few people were left.  But that didn’t stop the party.  Nick and Urs were constantly on the dance floor, flirting where everyone could see it and yet only few people realised.  Howie, AJ and Brian did a good job keeping Carlos, Seb and David busy with other girls or talking.  As long as they didn’t look at the dance floor too much or to long.  After a while Howie did join them dancing.

‘Nick, Urs, unless you want your relationship outed now, you better take it easy.  I think Seb is starting to notice something.’

For a moment Urs was startled that Howie spoke so openly about it.  But he nodded and so did Nick.

Urs needed a break anyway or he would make a move that would shock his band mates.  After talking with his friends at the bar for a while and keeping a casual eye on Nick dancing with some girls, he went to the toilet.

He needed to splash some water on his face to cool down.  Nick was getting him so exited.  He turned to walk out again when Nick walked in.  Purposefully, he walked straight to Urs, pushed him against the wall, took his hands and lifted them above their heads, kissing him passionately.  The intensity of the heat between them nearly made Urs pass out again.  Suddenly the door opened.  But whoever was going to come in was held up long enough for Nick and Urs to separate.  Carlos walked in as Urs left.  Walking out he saw AJ giving him a wink.  Urs smiled a bit embarrassed.

A few moments later Nick joined Urs at the bar for a drink.

‘I need for us to get out of here.’ He quickly whispered in Urs’ ear.  Urs just nodded while sipping on his coke.

‘Let’s grab a few girls and get out of here.’ Urs said.

Both Nick and Urs went back to the dance floor with a purpose now.  It did not take long for both of them to each find a girl willing to walk out with them.  Without saying anything to anyone, they made their escape.

‘Howie, have you seen Urs?’ Seb asked.

Howie pointed to the door and Seb just saw Urs disappear with the blond he had selected.

‘Oh, ok.  Guess we won’t see him anymore tonight.’

‘I don’t think so either.  Sometimes, you can wonder about marriage.’  Howie said.

‘You are married as well?’ Seb sat down at the bar with Howie.

‘Yeah, Brian and I are married.  So no more girls for us.’

‘I’m the only one married as well.  Got two babies.’ And Seb showed the photo’s he always carried of his family. 

Carlos only passed by with a girl on his arm, saying goodnight and thank you for the party.  David was no where to be found either.

Howie, Seb and Brian shared a cab back to their hotel, the same one as it turned out.



Nick and Urs had left hours earlier with the two girls.  They drove to the hotel and then gave the cab driver instructions to see the girls safely home.  The girls were very disappointed getting dumped so soon.  They had another night in mind.

Like kids Nick and Urs ran to the elevator.  They got in and pushed to the 15th floor where Nick’s room was located.

As soon as the doors closed, Nick pushed Urs against the wall, kissing his Adams apple, his hands roaming his body.

Urs could hardly wait to get into the room.  Thank goodness for key cards that work fast.

Urs was breathing heavy as he walked into the room with Nick.  So this was it.  Was he really going to make love to a man?  It still scared him.  He did not have any experience at all in this.

Nick took his hand and gently pulled him closer.  His hands cupped Urs’ face and his lips gently found their mark.  Urs opened his lips, wanting to taste Nick.  His heart was beating so fast.

With nimble hands, Nick pulled Urs’ T-shirt out of trousers and lifted it over his head, throwing it to the side.  Urs trembled as Nick planted kisses all over his chest.  Throwing his head back, Urs tried to calm down or he would have come right there and then.  And then Nick opened his trousers.  Urs’ eyes shot open when he felt kisses planted on his hard cock.  Nick did not yet take of his briefs but made him sit on the edge of the bed as he pulled of Urs’ shoes, socks and trousers.

Urs lay trembling on the bed as Nick made his way back up along his legs, his belly button and his nipples, to end on his lips again.

‘Nick, oh, Nick’ Urs whispered.  He knew he should do something as well but was pleased just to let Nick take the lead in this.  Nick quickly discarded his own T-shirt.  Urs felt Nick’s bare skin under his hands and he became even harder.  He opened his eyes and looked straight into the most beautiful blue eyes, more intense from the passion they were sharing.  Not leaving Nick’s eyes, Urs’ hands travelled down to Nick’s trousers.  With shaking hands, he undid them and helped Nick out of them.  Only then did Urs notice Nick had gone commando style and his breath caught in his throat.

Nick laid Urs down again and straddled him. Gently he rubbed his penis against Urs’ briefs, closing his eyes not to rush anything.

‘Nick, take them off.’ Urs said hoarsely.

‘You sure, Baby.’

Urs just nodded.

Nick slowly made his way down Urs’ body, caressing and kissing all the time.  Urs was surprised how fast his brief joined the rest of the thrown away clothes.  And then Nick settled between his legs, licked up his hard shaft and then taking him in his mouth.  His hips bucked up from the intense sensations as Nick soon brought him to the brink and then his body exploded into the most intense orgasm he had ever had.  Shooting out his seeds, Nick drank him.  Urs needed some time to come down from that high.  And in the meantime, Nick had made his way back up his body until their lips met again.  As Urs let in Nick’s tongue he tasted himself for the first time.  And it made him realise Nick had not come yet.  Urs did not quite know what to do, so Nick took his hand and placed it around his hard penis.  Together with Urs, he moved up and down, guiding Urs’ hand to how he liked it.  It did not take long for Nick to explode in his orgasm.

Exhausted they lay in each others arms.

‘I never knew it could be so good.’ Urs finally said.

‘Baby, you’ve seen nothing yet.  I’ll please you more, if you’ll let me.’

Urs pushed Nick on his back and sat astride him.

‘Teach me!’

And for the next couple of hours, that was exactly what they did.



When morning came, Urs quietly slipped out of bed and got dressed.  They had a plane to catch and he had to get out of here without anyone noticing.  He had to get back to his room for a shower and change.

‘You were not thinking of leaving without a goodbye kiss, were you?’ Nick mumbled.

Urs smiled.


He sat down on the bed and Nick opened his eyes.

‘You ok?’

‘More than ok.’

‘Good. Now kiss me and escape before I take you again and keep you here for the rest of the day and night.’

Urs laughed.  They shared a last passionate kiss and Urs left his lover in bed while quietly opening the door.

‘Morning, Urs.  Sleep well?’

Howie just walked passed Nick’s door and startled Urs.

‘Howie. Heu, yes thanks.’

Howie was having a conversation with him like it was normal that he would be coming out of Nick’s room at that time of the morning.

‘Carlos and  Seb are at breakfast already.’ Howie said.

‘Thanks.  Howie, did you …. Nick and me …’ Urs could not get the question out.

‘We know Nick is gay.  Has been since he was very young.  But I’ve never seem him like he is with you.  Just, don’t break his heart.  It’s very fragile.’  Howie said seriously.

Urs just nodded.

Just then David walked towards them, still wearing the same clothes he had the previous night.

‘Guys, what a night!’ he said.

‘I’ve only just got back to the hotel.  Don’t tell the others.’ David was leaning on Urs.

‘I need a shower.  Talking about showers, Urs, my friend, that blond must have been great but I like your after shave better.’

And with that David stumbled on to his room.  Urs and Howie just laughed.

‘See you later, Howie.’

In his room, Urs took a long shower, imagining what that would be like with Nick in it as well.  This last night had been the most wonderful night of his live.  So he was gay?  Sounded strange when he said it out loud.  Should he tell the others?  Not yet.  This exiting secret he wanted to keep a little longer.

All bags packed they left for the airport to fly into Switzerland.  While the others went off to do some shopping as they waited for their flight to be called, Urs settled in the settee in the lounge.  Making sure no one could hear him, he quickly called Nick.

‘Hey, Sleepy head.  You still in bed?’

‘Mmh yes, still feeling your warmth, smelling you all hot.’ Nick whispered in the phone.

Urs’ face turned a brighter shade of red.  But he could not stop himself from smiling.

‘I am aching in places I didn’t even know I had muscles’ Urs confided in Nick.  Through the phone, Nick laughed loud.

‘It’s not funny.  I have to sit in a plane for a few hours now.’ He said smiling.

‘Good.  Then you won’t forget me for a while.’ Nick said.

‘I’ll never forget you.’

They were both silent for a moment.

‘I better go.  The guys will be back soon.’ And blowing a last kiss through the phone, Urs disconnected.

‘Correction, the guys are already back.’ Seb startled Urs.

‘Calling the blond again already?  That must have been one memorable night.’ Carlos kidded.

‘Blond?’ Urs tried to find a way out.

‘I saw you leave last night at the party.  You left at the same time as Nick with a nice looking blond.  I’ve never seen you with a blond.  Changing taste?’ Seb said.

If only they knew, Urs thought.

‘Yes, a very interesting blond.’ Urs confirmed.

And then their flight was called, bringing an end to the conversation.



Over the next three months both Il Divo and The Backstreet Boys were touring the US and Canada.  Urs and Nick tried to meet up as much as possible which wasn’t easy because Nick, although gay for many years, hadn’t outed yet and Urs had not even told his band mates.

It wasn’t until June that Il Divo had two weeks break in their tour.  Urs had booked a flight back to Europe with the others.  It was time to tell his family about the man he loved.  He found it difficult, leaving the US without having the opportunity to say goodbye to Nick.  But Nick was still touring and would not have time off for another couple of days.

The flight was long but finally they got to London Gatwick.

‘Enjoy your time off.  See you all here again in a week and a half?’ Carlos said before they all split up to go their own ways home.

‘Carlos, I’ll see you at the venue in the States.  I’m going back early.  There’s a bike event on I’d like to go to.’  Urs told them.

‘OK, you meeting up with David already?’

‘I’ll see how the bike meeting goes.’

They all said their goodbyes and went to the different gates to go home, Carlos to Spain, Seb to France and Urs to Switzerland.

Urs was nervous as he got closer to his families home.  They had liked his girlfriend a lot.  And now he was going to tell them he was in love with a man.  Was it love or just a phase he was going through?

No, it was love and he vowed to tell Nick just that next time they were together.  As he walked to his front door, his phone rang.  The caller ID told him immediately it was Nick.

‘Hey, Sweetheart.  Are you back home.’

Urs had a smile on his face.  He could not help it.  Each time he heard Nick he felt like smiling.

‘I love you.’ He whispered in the phone.  Nick was silent.

‘Nick?’ Urs asked worried.

‘I have waited so long to hear you say that.  I love you too, so much.’ Urs could hear the tears in Nicks answer.

‘Nicky, Baby, please don’t cry.’ Urs pleaded.

‘I’m ok.  I just wish you were here.’

‘I will be back soon.  But I have to tell my family.’

‘I know.  Call me.  I’ll be thinking of you.’

Urs missed him but now he had to get through this first.  Walking in the door, his Mum was so pleased to see him again.  The afternoon was spent talking about all the places they had visited and the things they had seen.

But there come a time, Urs could no longer postpone why he was there.

‘Mum, I’m in love.’ He said looking down at his hands.

She smiled.

‘I noticed when you called.  You sounded so happy all the time.  Is she nice?’

‘That’s just it, Mum. I’m in love with . . .  Mum, I’m in love with a man.’

His mum didn’t look surprised.

‘Are you happy with this man?’ she asked.

‘I’ve never been happier.  His name is Nick, Nick Carter.  He’s an American, a few years younger than I am.’ Urs talked about Nick to his Mum and she could see the light and happiness in his eyes each time he spoke his lover’s name.

‘So where is Nick now?  Why didn’t he come as well?’

‘He’s touring with his band.’

‘And you are here even though you have two weeks of?’  She was so understanding.  Urs had never expected this.

‘He’s expecting my call.’

‘Well, let’s talk to this man who has captured my son’s heart so completely.’

Urs quickly dialled the number but was surprised to get Howie on the phone.

‘Howie?  Where is Nick?’ he asked scared.

‘Hey, Urs.  Don’t worry.  He just had to lie down for a moment.  I think the waiting got a bit to him and he started having chest pains again.  Hold on, here he is.’

Howie passed the phone to Nick.

‘Baby, are you ok?’ Urs knew of Nick’s heart condition but he was managing it so well.

‘Don’t let Howie worry you.  I’m fine.  I was just worried about you and how you were getting on with your family.’

Urs closed his eyes, relieved to hear Nick sounding his usual self.

‘So, how did it go?’ Nick asked as Urs stayed quiet.

He smiled.

‘It went great.  Mum would like to have a word with you.’

He could hear Nick swallow through the phone and say: ‘OK’

Urs passed his phone to his mum and followed the brief conversation they had.  She kept smiling and Urs was so grateful that all was going well.

His mum gave him the phone back so he could say goodbye to Nick.

‘I’m coming back with the flight tomorrow.  I’ll see you at the house?’

‘I’ll be waiting.  Be careful.  Love you.’

‘I love you too.’

Urs was still in his own world after finishing the conversation he nearly missed his mum’s question.

‘Excuse me?’ He said.

‘Have you told your friends?’ she asked again.

‘No, not yet.  I don’t know how to.’

‘I’m sure you will find a way, dear.  But don’t leave it too long.’

Urs enjoyed the rest of the evening with his family but also often drifted to the other side of the ocean where Nick was now performing but tomorrow they would see each other again.



During the break, Urs travelled with the Backstreet Boys.  It was so great to just be able to flirt with Nick, or hug him, or even kiss him without anyone being surprised.  During the few days they had both of Urs rented a bike and took Nick out for a picnic.  Live could not be better.


Neither noticed the van that was always around and the person keeping an eye on what they were doing.


The 14 days went by to quickly and that night Urs was flying to meet up with his band to continue the tour.  Nick would bring him to the airport but took a detour.

Stopping the car in front of a jewellers shop Urs followed Nick to the door.

‘Sweet heart, I know it will be a while again before we can see each other so I …’

Urs loved it when Nick was lost for words.

‘Will you wear my ring?’  Nick asked even tough it sounded so corny.

Urs smiled.

‘Only if you will wear mine.’

Nick was ecstatic.  They walked into the shop and spend the next hour trying rings that would be meaningful to them and yet not attract too much attention.  Finally they found one they both loved.  And as luck would have it they were available in their size.

Back in the car, they put the rings on to each other.

‘Urs, I’m going to come out about being gay.  We have an interview in Los Angeles next week.  I won’t go into details about my partner but I need to do this.’

Urs understood.  He just was not sure he was ready for that step yet.

‘I understand.  I’m fully behind you, you know that.’

Nick planted a quick kiss on his lips and then drove to the airport 

On the plane, Urs played with his ring all the time.  A part of Nick was going with him everywhere, and of course also the T-shirt Nick didn’t even know he had taken.

It was only a short flight to Texas where the others were waiting for him.

‘You ok? You look like you are beaming.  Can you stop smiling, please?’ Seb was joking with him.

‘No, I’m going to keep on smiling.’ Urs simply said.



Another week went by and Nick contacted Urs to let him know about the interview.  It was during the afternoon, just after practise.  Seb, Carlos and David were just lounging about in their dressing room when Urs switched on the radio casually.

Music was still playing and then the reporter was back.

‘Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a great group visiting us this afternoon: The Backstreet Boys!’

Suddenly all were paying attention.

‘Nick, Howie, AJ, Brian great to have you here.  What are you guys up to now the US tour is finished?’

The interview went on for a while, interrupted by some BSB music.

It seemed the end of the interview and Nick had not said anything yet.

But then he took the microphone.

‘I would like to make one more announcement.  It is about my personal life.’ Nick started.

‘Oh Nick, are you going to tell our listeners that another Backstreet Boy is getting married?’ the reporter asked.

‘No, not yet. But I do have a wonderful partner.  I have been seeing him for quite some time now.’

‘Hold on, Nick.  You are seeing HIM?’ The reporter stressed the word.

‘Yes, him.  I am gay.  Have been all my life, I guess.  And since I met this man, I am the happiest person in the world.’

‘Can you tell us his name?’

‘No, I promised I wouldn’t.’

On the other side of the country three men jumped up from their seats.

‘Wow, Urs did you know Nick was gay?’ They all turned to Urs who was standing near the exit, ready to run away.  But he swallowed and slowly lifted his hand, showing them the ring.

‘YOU!’ Carlos shouted.

‘Carlos, calm.’ Seb came in between.

‘Urs, are you Nick’s partner?’ David asked.

And with a big sigh, Urs confirmed it.

‘Yes, I’ve been seeing Nick since London last year.’

‘You, gay?’ Carlos could still not believe it.

‘Carlos, I hope this is not a problem?’

Carlos sat down and was a bit surprised from his own reaction.  He was not a prude.  So why was he angry?


Urs walked over to him.

‘Please say something.’

Carlos looked up at Urs and saw David and Seb standing behind him, surprised with his behaviour.  He got up and walked out.

Urs wanted to follow him but Seb stopped him.

‘Give him a moment.’

‘Why is he angry?’  Urs did not understand.

Seb pulled Urs back to the settee.

‘So, gay.  I guess I’ve noticed for a while already, the way you and Nick behaved each time.’  Seb said.

‘Yeah, Howie warned us you might notice something.’

‘My God, that morning at the hotel when I saw you and Howie.  You had not been with that blond girl!’  David realised.

‘No, I’d been with that blond guy.’  Urs was beaming, just couldn’t stop smiling.

‘That first time he kissed me I actually fainted.  I had been locked up for three weeks with little to no food but that kiss.’ Urs remembered.

‘You sure it’s not just an infatuation for the man who rescued you?’ Seb had to ask.

But Urs shook his head.

‘No, I’m sure.  Nick never forced himself on me.  I love him and he loves me.  There is nothing wrong with two people loving each other.  So why is Carlos so upset?’

Carlos had entered the room again and had heard the passion in Urs’ voice when he talked about Nick.

‘There is nothing wrong with it.  I’m sorry I reacted like that.’  Carlos walked to Urs.

Urs stood up.

‘Are you sure?’

Carlos gave him a quick hug and smiled.

‘Sure.   Just be happy.  But tell me you don’t fancy me because I don’t fancy you that way.’  They all laughed.

‘Rest assured, I don’t fancy any of you that way.  I’m very happy with Nick.’

Urs’ phone went and picking up Nick was on the other side.

‘Did you hear me?’ he asked exited.

‘Yes, we all did.’

‘The others heard as well?  What did you say?’ Nick asked worried.

‘Told them I’m your partner.  Showed them my ring and all.’ Urs was smiling.


‘Carlos just asked not to fancy him.’  Urs looked over to Carlos, knowing the others could hear his side of the conversation.

‘I have to go now, Baby.  Showtime nearly.  See you soon.  Love you.’

‘Baby?’ David smiled.

‘There must be a better word of endearment you can use?’ he teased.

Urs felt good.  A heavy load was lifted of his shoulders.  Being able to tell his friends had been a big thing and they had taken it well, eventually.


Outside the venue, the person in the van had also heard the interview on the radio and now smiled.

‘Good, not long any more now Urs and you will feel the pain!’



It had nearly been a month since they had seen each other. But Nick would join the tour in Los Angeles for the last couple of concerts.

After the San Diego concert, they drove straight to Los Angeles.  Nick had invited them all to stay at his place.  Seb’s wife and children had come over as well and by the time the Il Divo bus reached their house, everyone was tired.

Nick opened his door at the sound of the bus arriving.

First Seb and one baby and then his wife with the other baby walked off the bus.  Nick helped them in the house and showed them to their room.  He had taken care of baby cots and all.

‘Thanks, Nick.  They would have slept with us.’

‘Hey, I remember when Angel and Aron were born.  Twins are wonderful but also a handful.’

‘You have children?’ Seb asked surprised.

‘No they are my brother and sister.’ Nick explained.

‘I’ll leave you to settle in and if you want I’ve got some refreshments downstairs.’

Nick left Seb and his family and walked down again.

At the bottom of the stairs, Urs was waiting for him.  Nick walked down, cupped Urs’ face in his hands and kissed him passionately.


‘Carlos, nice to see you again.’ Nick walked over to him.

‘You are not going to kiss me like you just kissed Urs, are you?’ he asked jokingly.

Nick smiled.

‘No, that’s only for him.’ And he looked back at his lover, beaming.

‘Sweetheart, you take Carlos to his room, I’ll take David.’

They split up and Urs walked with Carlos to his room.

Carlos looked appreciative around the room.

‘You have not put me next to your room, have you?  Don’t want to wake up in the night hearing you moan: yes, Nick, more Nick.’ He said smiling.

‘I don’t say that, well, not all the time.’ Urs pretended to be hurt.

‘Seriously, I don’t think I’ve never seen you so happy or kiss a girl with so much passion as that kiss you just shared with Nick.’

Urs smiled.  They walked back down and settle in the lounge, relaxing a bit before hitting the sac.

David, Nick and Seb joined them as well.  They had a few drinks and just talked about the tour and what would be up next.

After a while David and Seb excused themselves.  Nick was in a serious conversation with Carlos and Urs made himself comfortable on the settee, putting his head on Nick’s lap.  Soon he was asleep.

‘Nick, I think we better stop now.  Urs has fallen asleep already here.’

Absentmindedly, Nick had been caressing Urs’ hair.  He loved the silky feel of it.  Now he looked down at his lover.

‘Nick, just don’t hurt him.’ Carlos asked.

Not looking up Nick said:

‘Never.  I’d rather die than hurt this wonderful man.’

He kissed him lightly on the nose.

‘Sweetheart, time for bed.’

‘OK.’ Apparently Urs had not been as fast asleep as Carlos and Nick had thought.

They got up from the settee and each went up to their bedroom while Nick locked the house and turned off all the lights.

When Nick got to their room, Urs sat on the bed laughing.

‘What are you up to?’ Nick asked.

‘I went to Carlos’ bedroom and pretended we were making out there.  Mmh yes Nick, more Nick.  But he didn’t quite believe it.  Still it was funny, hearing him shout back at me.’ Urs was still enjoying his little joke.

‘How about I make you beg like that?’

And they both did, falling asleep exhausted only when the sun was rising.

Although there was no concert on that evening, Il Divo still had commitments during the day, giving interviews and doing photo shoots.

Nick was up already, getting breakfast ready in the kitchen.  He had helped Seb with the kids and was now frying some eggs for David and Carlos, when Urs walked in.  He went straight to Nick and gave him a quick kiss before sitting down at the breakfast bar as well.

‘You two already look like an old married couple.’ Carlos said with a smile.

‘Yes, I have him trained well already.’ Urs joked.

‘Careful or I’ll make you beg even more!’ Nick answered.

‘Oh, stop.  Information overload.’ David joked now.

Urs hit him playfully as Nick dished up the eggs and toast.

Breakfast was nice but then they had to get to their first appointment.  Each went back to their room to get ready.

Nick spent the day with the twins and Seb’s wife, doing some shopping, swimming or just playing.

It was late in the afternoon before the men got back to the house.  Everything was quiet.  That was odd with two kids in the house.

But then they found Nick in the living room.  Or better, on the floor in the living room, surrounded by pillows and two children fast asleep in his arms.  Urs’ heart melted at the site of his lover like that.  Seb also smiled at the sight of his children like that.

Nick just then woke up, careful not to disturb the twins.  Moving them more onto the pillows, Nick managed to get up.

‘Seb, I think you should go upstairs.  I think someone is waiting for you.’ Nick smiled, while he took hold of Urs.

‘But the children?’

‘They are ok.  We’ll mind them.’ David said while he kneeled down on the floor to look at the sleeping babies.

Seb ran up the stairs.  Carlos just smiled and then sat next to the babies as well.

‘Guys, I need to talk to Nick.  Upstairs.  You can handle these two can’t you?’ And even before Carlos or David could answer, Urs pulled Nick up the stairs.

‘So how come we were promoted to baby sitters?’ David asked.  But he didn’t really mind.

Urs could not get Nick to the bedroom fast enough.  Closing the door behind them, he pushed Nick against the wall, kissing him passionately, ripping off his clothes.  He needed Nick now.  It did not take long for both of them to stand naked, Urs taking very much the lead this time.  He was so aroused.

‘Nick, I need you now.’

Nick turned around, spread eagled against the wall.

‘Take me, now.’

‘The lube.’

‘Forget about that.  Now, Baby, take me now.’

Urs entered Nick fast and deep, angling so he would give Nick the most pleasure.

‘Urs, faster, deeper.’ Nick begged.

Urs obliged with pleasure and soon they both exploded as joined orgasms ripped through their bodies.

They collapsed in each others arms on the floor, exhausted.

It took a while before either of them could say something.

‘I’ve wanted to do that all day.’ Urs admitted.

Nick kissed him.  He loved this man so much, it was beyond words.

They got up from the floor and shared a long hot shower.  Nick helped Urs dry his hair just the way he liked it and then they got dressed again.

When they got down, David and Carlos had joined the twins for a nap.  Nick quickly grabbed his camera and took a photo.  Then the children started to wake up, hungry most likely.  Urs and Nick each took one of them and went to the kitchen.  It felt very much a home, the two of them feeding the kids and then playing a bit with them.

‘Let’s go and wake up uncles Carlos and David.  We are going out tonight.’ Nick said.

They walked into the living room and found Carlos and David just waking up.

‘Was that a nice nap?’ Urs asked.

Just then Seb came half way down the stairs, only dressed in his pants.

‘Are the babies ok?’

‘They are fine.  We fed them and played with them.  But I think they can do with a change about now.’ Urs said while Seb came down further to take his children from Nick and Urs.

‘Seb, the babysitter will be here in about an hour.  I’ve made reservations for all of us at my favourite restaurant.  Howie and Leigh are joining us as well.’


‘I better get ready then as well.’  Carlos said.

‘And we are going on to a club after dinner as well.’ Nick shouted after Carlos and David.

The next half an hour Nick and Urs cleaned up the living room from toys and pillows before also getting dressed to go out.

It was a wonderful evening for all of them.

The next day the concert was sold out again.  During afternoon rehearsal, Urs had a question for his band mates.

‘Can we have a small change to the program tonight?  You know when we do ‘Every time I look at you’, can I call Nick to the stage.  I want to ask him to marry me.’ Urs asked hesitantly.

‘Ready for the next step, are you?’ Seb asked.

‘Yes, I am.  But if I do it on stage that means people will also know immediately.  Is that a problem?’  He looked around the group.

‘I don’t think it is.’ Carlos spoke for them all.

Urs smiled happily.  He just hoped Nick would be surprised and say yes.

Urs was nervous that evening.  Nick was already sitting in the audience, disguised so he would not be recognised.

The show started.

‘Ladies and gentlemen, tonight I want to do something special.  You see, I’m very much in love and I’d like to sing this song especially to him tonight.  Nick, please join me here.’

Urs stuck out his hand in Nick’s direction.  Nick was shocked.  Urs had said nothing about this.

Slowly he walked to the stage and climbed on.  Urs helped him out of his disguise and immediately people recognised Nick Carter.

Then the song started:

I used to think that I was strong

I realise now I was wrong

‘Cause every time I see your face

My mind becomes an empty space

And with you lying next to me

Feels like I can hardly breathe

I close my eyes

The moment I surrender to you

Let love be blind

Innocent and tenderly true

So lead me through tonight

But please turn out the light

‘Cause I’m lost every time I look at you

And in the morning when you go

Wake me gently so I’ll know

That loving you was not a dream

And whisper softly what it means to be with me

Then every moment we’re apart

Will be a lifetime to my heart

I close my eyes

The moment I surrender to you

Let love be blind

Innocent and tenderly true

So lead me through tonight

But please, please turn out the light

‘Cause I’m lost every time I look at you

Lost, every time I look at you.


And then Urs went down on his one knee.

‘Nick, will you marry me?’

Nick was so shocked.  Not only had Urs outed himself to the world, he just asked him to marry him.

‘Yes, yes I will.’ Nick whispered.

A great roar went through the arena as they kissed, everyone clapping hands, joining into the happiness.


There was only one person who smiled with cold eyes.

‘Last act coming up.’


It was decided to have a small wedding at the end of August in a little town just outside of London.  Close friends and family gathered in the small church as the sun started to set.  Urs was waiting anxiously.  They had opted for white Armani suites and he looked stunning.

As becoming, Nick had stayed in another hotel with Brian, AJ and Howie.  So now Urs just awaited the arrival of Nick.  The hour he was to arrive came and went.  Worry started to settle in Urs’ stomach.  He looked at his watch repeatedly but no Nick came through the door.

Suddenly the door opened and Brian stumbled in, running as fast as he could to Urs.

‘He’s gone.’

‘He didn’t want to get married after all?’ Urs asked.

‘No, no. Someone took Nick.  They knocked us out.  Nick has been kidnapped.’

Urs took a step back when a cell phone rang.  David was holding on to Urs’ phone during the ceremony and picked it up.

Immediately he passed it on the Urs.

‘For you.’ His voice was shaking.

Urs listened but did not say a word.

‘If you want to see Nick again, be at the railway crossing in 15 minutes. Don’t use the car.  Come on foot’

Then the connection was broken.

Urs looked around.

‘I need to be at the rail way crossing in 15 minutes.’ She said panicking and ran out of the church, followed by his friends.

All he could think of was getting there in time to save Nick.

Then he saw the railway crossing and tried to run even faster.

Suddenly bullets hit the ground in front of them.  They all stopped.

‘Very good.  You made it in time.’

A bright light went on and his tormentor stood in front of him.


It was his ex-girlfriend.

‘When you dumped me, you broke my heart.  I was going to make you pay for that.’

‘Where is Nick?’

She signalled and another light came on.  It was Nick, gagged and tied up, standing on the rail way tracks.  Urs wanted to run to him but was stopped by more bullets.

‘I kidnapped you and searched for the one person you would fall in love with.  Funny that it had to be Nick Carter for the Backstreet Boys.  How could you faint when he kissed you when you could hardly be bothered to touch me!’ she yelled angrily.

‘Nick’ Urs whispered.

‘Let him go.’ He shouted to the woman he no longer knew.

‘Step forward a bit.’

They did.

‘No, just Urs.  I want him to see in Nick’s eyes.  Do you see it Urs, do you see the fear?  Could it be Nick knows something?’

All of a sudden the sirens went off and the barriers were closed, indicating a train was imminent.

‘No, please, please let him go.  Nick run!’ Urs shouted.  But it was obvious Nick could not move.  The thunderous noise of a train at high speed came closer.

Guns were pointed at Urs.  He could not move.  Suddenly Nick turned and then the train was upon him.  The image gone in seconds.

‘NO!’ Urs screamed.

Urs collapsed on the ground.  Was it true?  Had he just seen Nick killed by that train?  He could not stop crying, his heart breaking silently.

She came closer and knelled down in front of Urs.  Grabbing his hair, she pulled up his tear stricken face.

‘Are you hurting now?  Do you feel the pain you caused me?’

Venom was dripping from every word.

As Urs did not answer, she shook his head.

‘Answer me!’ she shouted.

‘Yes, yes I feel the pain.’ Urs sobbed.

She got up, pushing him down in the dirt.  But Urs did not care.  He had lost Nick.

She turned to walk away.

‘Hold on.’ Howie stepped forward.

Carlos moved to Urs to help him up and comfort him.

The woman stopped and slowly turned around.

‘Where is Nick?’ Howie asked.

Urs’ head shot up, looking from Howie to the woman.

She tilted her head and smiled.

‘Had to be an American to see something was wrong.  What gave it away?’ She asked.

‘Two things actually: the train did not even stop.  So the driver must not have seen anything on the tracks.  And Nick did not look towards the train but away from it.’

‘Ha, yes.  That one.  Should have set him up on the other side of the road.’

She signalled and two men came from behind a building, pushing a struggling Nick in front of them.

‘How?’ was all Urs could ask.

‘Projection.  I’ve seen them use it in films and advertising.  It looks real enough.’

Howie explained.

‘How could you?  Let him go!’ Urs shouted furious, running towards the woman and Nick.

Bullets started flying around and everyone had to duck for safety.  But Urs was on a mission.  He nearly reached the woman when suddenly he was hit and thrown to the side.  Stunned he stayed on the ground.

In the back ground sirens could be heard.  And then the police swooped in, overpowering the gunmen in no time.

Nick was freed from his bonds and ran straight to Urs.

Urs had managed to sit up.  A bullet had graced his arm.  Nick dropped on his knees.  Seeing Nick again, Urs forgot the pain and blood on his white suite and fell into Nick’s arms, both crying.

Their friends left them for a moment until the medics arrived and wanted to stop the bleeding.  Nick never left Urs’ side.

‘I’m sorry.  I never knew she was like that.’ Urs said while they wheeled him in the ambulance.

‘Don’t worry. She’s gone forever now.’

And with that soothing thought, Urs closed his eyes.


The next day, Urs and Nick were married at the little church.  Nothing standing in the way of their happiness any more.


The end.