by Ilse - 2003

Nick's Vignette

Iíve been looking forward to this for so long. Each time they would travel, I would hope heíd pick me. And today he did. I see him walk on the plane and put his hand luggage in the overhead bins. His CD is already playing, phones in his ears. I know he is nervous but Iíll try to make this flight as comfortable as possible for him. Slowly he sits down and snuggles close to me. I can feel every muscle through his shirt as he leans into my bosom. Carefully I wrap my arms around him, locking my hands so he wonít slip away. I know heís nervous but at the same time exited. I can feel his excitement underneath my clasped hands. We are ready to take of. He grasps my sides and holds onto me for dear life. The plane accelerates. Faster and faster we go. He is being pushed closer against me and it feels so good. All to soon we reach cruising level and he relaxes a bit. My arms let go, allowing him to wonder to his friends. And I miss his warmth and firm body. But then he is back. This is only a short flight and we begin our descent. Heís really nervous now and I try to make him feel secure, holding my arms lightly around him, laying my hands strategically on his crutch. Again he grasps my sides. Anyone else would be hurt but for me it is heaven. And then we land. I let go and he gets up. I feel all alone. I miss him so much already. Next time I want to be on a long flight with him.

What am I? Iím Nick airplane seat.

Howie's Vignette

He never leaves the house without me. Itís like we are fused together at times. When I start to shiver, he pulls me closer to him. Immediately I stop shaking. I carefully blow in his ear, whispering sweet nothings. I can feel his soft hair falling on me as we stand closely together. He pulls me even closer and as I feel his breath upon me, I see him close his eyes and smile. How I love these intimate moments together. Then he slips me in his pocket. I can feel the effect I had on him. Itís warm in there and I can feel heís growing harder. I know he is still thinking of my whispered promises. I vibrate again and that excites him even more. Safely in his hand, we continue our conversation. We go on like that all through the day. And in the evening, when we get home, he takes extra care of me, charging me up so Iím ready for another day.

What am I? Howieís cell phone.

Brian's Vignette

I sit patiently, waiting until he has time for me. This can happen at any moment of the day. At that time, he picks me up and runs his hands all over me, feeling me. And then he takes me out. Often Nick will be waiting for us. But my man does not let go so easily. Nick stands in front of him, but Brian just throws me up and gets around Nick. He catches me in one fluent move. And I can see his muscles ripple under his T-shirt. He pushes me away but I canít get far as he chases me. We play this game for a while until he takes of this T-shirt. I like that even better. I can see the sweat running down his firm chest. He holds me close while he pours a bottle of water over his head. I can feel the drops as they bounce of his shoulders. Then he stretches while he throws me up again. How I love the feel of his hands all over me. Nick wants to take me away from him. But Brian blocks, turns, jumps and protects me. Oh no, he loses me. I need to get back to him. Only Brianís hands fit so perfectly around my rounded body. Iím glad itís not long before I am safely in his arm again. This game of ours can go on for a long time and I never tire. But then Brian is called in again and he has to leave me. But not before he carefully tucks me in again, making sure I am safe and ready for the next time.

What am I? Iím Brianís basketball ball.

Kevin's Vignette

We got up very early this morning. But by the time he had packed everything he needed, we were well on our way to lunch. We took a short drive up into the mountains. He parked the car, loaded everything onto his shoulders and off we went. Our trek through the woods was fabulous. Once in a while he stopped to take in the view. And I was there, right behind him all the way. We decided to camp overlooking the valley. Carefully he made the campfire and cooked some dinner. We saw the sun go down together. And finally, in the dim light of the fire, he laid me down on some soft leaves. His eyes drifted all over me and I felt warm. Slowly he undressed, one layer at a time. I feast my eyes on his firm body. Standing in his boxers, I could see his skin forming goose bumps. Would he take them off? Yes, he slowly slipped them of and laid down. Quickly I covered him up, warming him, keeping away the night chill. He lay quietly, listening to the wildlife around us. I concentrate on the body underneath me. His head resting on his hand. His chest firm and lean. I could feel his legs, strong and muscled. All of his body feeling so soft and silky. And then his nest of curls with in the middle ...........mmmhm. I seem to warm him up nicely. The top of his erect penis softly touches me. I see him close his eyes as his hand wonders to his hard manhood and slowly starts to stroke it. Soon I can feel his body tense and seed spills all over me. He lies still for a moment, catching his breath. After a while he pulls out a cloth and wipes me off a bit. With a contented smile he turns on his side and goes to sleep. I snuggle all around him, keeping him warm and safe for the night. And so we sleep together.

What am I? Kevinís sleeping bag.

AJ's Vingnette

We used to be the best of friends. But not any more. I used to spend so much time with him and now he doesnít want to know me any more. Oh, how I hate him sometimes. I know he hates me. I still live with him but spend most of my time in the corner. There are times I wish I could leave. And then I remember the old days. Oh, how I remember his soft lips upon me, his tongue running over me, juices flowing over. And then I know I can never leave him. Once in a while he comes to me. I used to love the way he looked at me. I could see in his eyes the need, the lust, the wanting, the longing. Now when he comes to me and holds me, all I see is the hate, the disgust. I use all my powers of temptation. Can I feel his lips upon me again, shall I win him over again? He picks me up............yes, am I................ No. He leaves me again. At least I have not ended up like so many others, yet. When he really gets mad, he pushes and pushes and breaks us. In the past I had a lot of friends around me. Now I stand alone. Iím scared that one day Iíll end up like my broken and thrownaway friends. But until that day, Iíll keep trying to lure him back into my spell.

What am I? Iím AJís full bottle of Jack Daniels

Group Vignette

They visit me one by one. They can not resist my call, can not live without me. And the things I see, not many see. The first one comes into my little room, book in hands. But when he sees me, the book is put to the side. Slowly he unbuttons his trousers and drops them to his ankles. ĎTurn around so I can see you from all sidesí I want to scream. The blond curly hairs match the blond hair on his head. Slowly he sits down and warms me up for a little while. I am left wanting more when he gets up and leaves. The second one hurries in. No time to warm me up. He pulls out his member. It matches the color of his light mocha skin. ĎCareful there or Iíll put my lips around youí Iím thinking. The third one soon follows. While he slowly unbuttons his jeans, I can see what the writers mean by treasure trail. That little line of hair, going from his belly button, into his jeans. Oh my, he is not wearing any underwear. That trail leads down to a treasure throve of curly hairs. Slowly he runs his hand over his penis and relieves himself. And here is on of my favorites now walking in and fully exposing his ĎThorí. I can feel his firm bottom as he sits on me, his penis hanging down between his legs like a lure to a fish. Oh, how I want to bite. And lastly, my special friend. He sometimes comes in to give me a special treat. He quickly unbuttons his trousers. They drop to his ankles. His hand goes to his manhood, letting it escape from the confines of his boxer shorts. He stands erected and tall. He puts on a show for me as he stands there. His hand moves up and down his shaft, speeding up. I can see a little pre-cum on the tip of his rock hard penis. I anxiously await the climax. Yes, come on. Yes, oh that feels so good, yes. His warm seeds fall all over me. He relaxes and slows down his breathing. I give him a moment until he notices how wet I am. Gently he cleans me up, leaving me spotless when he exits my little room. Iím not sad he is gone Ďcause I know they will all be back, soon.

What am I? Iím a Backstreet toilet.